CDG Tax is a new initiative thought up by a group of like-minded, highly qualified tax accountants at CDG Corporate, that believe that there should be a cost effective and flexible option for having your tax return completed by a tax professional. In an age where technology is the key to efficiency, why not apply it to as many services as possible? We have created a safe and secure online form that is specifically designed to comply with taxation law whilst maximising your allowable deductions and thereby maximising your potential refund.


The form has been created through hours of reading taxation law, ATO Tax Rulings and annual updates (such as the budget). It allows for attachments to be submitted where necessary and also caters to conditional responses, so that you are not asked questions that are not relevant to you. We believe that our intelligent form will not only save you time, all but eliminate human error and maximise your return, but it will also be significantly cheaper than other tax agent provided services. This is because we believe that everyone should have access to top quality accounting and it doesn't need to cost the world.

We also have many other features built into the form. For example, our form can be directly translated into multiple languages, because we understand that compulsory tax reporting can be scary, particularly when it is in a non-native language! Security is also a top priority, and all form responses are encrypted. 


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