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Do you have slightly more complicated tax affairs and are unable to use the form? CDG Taxation is the system we use to maximise allowable deductions when completing Tax Returns for CDG Corporate, our parent company. The smart deduction form serves as a template for a client interview for those people with more complicated tax affairs, but due to the legally complex nature of tax, we believe that we should talk with some people to ensure the best possible outcome and to gain a more thorough understanding of their tax affairs.

CDG Corporate handles tax matters for a wide array of people. From individuals working wages, ABN holders operating micro-businesses, people that own rental properties, cryptocurrency traders and share traders all the way up to medium-large scaled enterprise. All clients are equal, no matter how big or small, and everyone deserves the best possible representation.

If you fall into any of the above categories and are unable to use the form, please click the button below to be redirected to the appointment booking page of CDG Corporate where you can book a free initial consultation with a Chartered Accountant to discuss your tax affairs, tax strategy and more!

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